Community and Industry Partners

Efficiency Smart (ES) – American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) established Efficiency Smart for the benefit of its member communities. AMP is a nonprofit corporation that owns and operates electric facilities with the purpose of providing generation, transmission and distribution of electric power and energy to its 129 Ohio members. Efficiency Smart helps customers of participating municipal utilities lower their electric bills through energy efficiency and guide them to financial incentives and expert advice. Efficiency Smart served the Advisory Group and helped the project team to reach municipal homeowners for surveys, workshop announcement, and documentation of green home technology application.

Buckeye Power, Inc. (BPI) – Buckeye Power is the generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative that is jointly owned by the 24 rural electric distribution cooperatives in Ohio. Buckeye’s marketing department also promotes the use of new, energy-efficient technologies such as compact fluorescent lighting and geothermal heating and cooling. BPI served on the Advisory Group and helped the project team to reach rural homeowners for surveys, workshop announcement, and documentation of green home technology application.

Habitat for Humanity MidOhio (HHM), a central Ohio affiliate of Habitat for Humidity (HH), is a non-profit that brings people together to build affordable and decent homes for low-income working families and develop communities. HHM served the Advisory Group, helped the project team to reach a special group of homeowners for survey on education and technology needs, collaborated with the OSU team to understand training needs for HH home builders for low-income home owners, and jointly applied DOE funding to develop green home technologies for HH homes.

The USGBC Central Ohio Chapter is an association for professionals that are interested in promoting green buildings. It supports the USGBC’s mission of market transformation at the local level through education, advocacy and outreach programs and green events. Mr. Dan Barringer form the USGBC Central Ohio Chapter served the Advisory Committee and helped the project team to reach green building professions for surveys and workshop announcement. He has jointly worked with the OSU team to provide Continue Education Credits for professionals attending the proposed workshops.

New Albany High School (NAHS), a high school that has the OSU 2009 Solar Decathlon house and is very interested in establishing experiential learning curricula for youth on environmental science and innovative engineering technology. NAHS jointly worked with the project team to develop curricula on green home design and technology and train the NAHS students as “ambassadors” of green homes to reach out to local community and youth in other school districts.

Ohio Energy Office (OEO), designated as the state’s energy office by the State of Ohio and the U.S. Department of Energy, is responsible for administering U.S. Department of Energy funding allocated to the state for implementing the Energy Policy Act. OEO served on the Advisory Committee and supported the project with energy policy information and potential future support of the sustained project efforts.

Lutron Electronics, Inc. is a leading company in lighting control and offers advanced lighting control solutions for energy saving. Lutron Electronics donated a whole set of lighting control system to the OSU Solar Decathlon House-enCORE, which has been used to demonstrate advanced green home designs, products, and technologies during the 2017 OSU Green Home Workshop.