The Team

Dr. Lingying Zhao

Dr. Zhao is a Professor at Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, The Ohio State University. She conducts research, teaching and outreach engagement education in indoor environmental control and air quality with specific interests of (1) HVAC-heating, ventilation, air conditioning technologies and systems for residential houses, (2) mitigation of indoor air quality problems, especially moisture problem in low-load residential houses, and (3) green residential buildings with alternative environmental control systems using renewable energy, such as solar and geothermal energy systems.

Victoria Chen

Dr. Chen joined The Ohio State University (OSU) in 2007 after receiving her Ph.D. in Building Construction from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She is now an Associate Professor of Construction Systems Management. She had six years of construction industry work experience prior to her academic career. Dr. Chen’s research focuses on high-performance green buildings, construction safety, interface management, lean construction, etc. She has taught university courses in materials and methods, mechanical systems for buildings, construction project management, and green building and sustainable construction. She is a LEED Accredited Professional and an Editor of the Journal of Green Building. In recent years, Dr. Chen has led multiple student service learning, community engagement, and education and outreach projects in building energy efficiency, green home, and sustainable community development areas, and has received OSU’s 2013 Emerging Community Engagement Award, 2013 Emerging Service-Learning Award, 2020 Community Engaged Program Award, and Ohio EPA’s 2012 Outstanding Project Award for her green building and environmental education program.

Braydi McPherson-Hathaway

Braydi McPherson-Hathaway, a former research assistant, drafted the website content and developed the first two virtual tours under the supervision of Dr. Zhao and Dr. Chen. 

Kirsten Rudio

Kirsten Rudio, an undergraduate research assistant, further developed and revised the website and created an additional virtual under the supervision of Dr. Zhao and Dr. Chen.