Universal Design Living Laboratory

A green home in columbus, ohio

Rosiemarie Rossetti and Mark Leder had their new 3,500 square foot ranch-style home designed and built after a spinal cord injury left Rosemarie paralyzed from the waist down. They wanted a home that could accommodate Rosemarie and allow her to live an independent life.  

The home is called the Universal Design Living Laboratory. It includes green features to make the home healthy and comfortable while improving energy and water efficiency:  

The Universal Design Living Laboratory also includes many universal design features: 

  • step-free entrances, 
  • wide doorways and hallways,
  • hardwood floors, and
  • open knee space under countertops.

Enjoy the virtual tour videos to learn more details about the Universal Design Living Laboratory and its green and universal design features. 





Passive Design 




Zoned HVAC




Water Management and Recirculation




Smart Controls




Universal Design Features